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 This is just a gakuenhetalia  RPG Blog... nothing to see here.
Everything was a blur and Francis' head was spinning wildly as he was ushered into a sleek Bentley Driven by what he could only describe as the Ugliest GOBLIN of a man he'd ever laid eyes on and then he turned to Arthur. "Mon Amour, I think you must tell me now things you have hidden from me. No secrets. Just who are you... Really?" Francis asked as they headed to some Castle in the middle of nowhere to have an impromptu wedding reception held by, if Francis' deductive capabilities and faculties were correct, not just any old Faeries (and that alone was enough to worry him) but apparently the top of the line, no one higher ranked in that world than the Sidhe High King and Arthur's brother who obviously was either a high prince or a ruler of some sort in his own right.

Francis just needed answers, lots of them. And Damn it if a Fat arsed pixie was sitting on one of his knees complaining about the Goblin King's supper table at "Mae'r Castell o Hud Gwyllt" (The Castle of Wild Magic) and that he was going to miss Francis' pate he was going to prepare earlier. On his other knee was a pretty sprite who looked and smelled of rose petals in blushing pinks and reds. She giggld and waved and danced on his knees.

Was this what LSD felt like? Had he been Roofied at his own wedding? 

"Arthur, I feel like I am suddenly drowning. Please tell me..." Francis added looking to his brand new husband and needing that love connection to pull him out of this pit of sudden knowledge he's been tossed into unceremoniously.

**In The School Home Ec Kitchen**

Francis is in his element, being creative and cooking all at the same time! Food and Art put together makes for one happy Frenchman. He is in charge of the party food again this year so he is in the kitchen experimenting with creative ways to be gruesome with food that tastes heavenly even if you should really be dubious about putting it in your mouth at all. It was diabolical and fun.

So har he had come up with

His Spiced Apple Cider and Rum Punch with "shrunken" baked apples as decoration. (The Alcohol is cooked off during boiling, only the rich flavors remain. No one had better spike this masterpiece!)

Then for the finger foods... Pates, veggies, cheeses, cold cuts, it was quite fun to create these mini masterpieces:

Gaspatcho Soup Shooters

Then the Best of all the Peach Jello and Grenadine Syrup BRAIN

Then the Desserts... cakes, cookies, pies, Francis was in Pastry Chef heaven...

The only trouble cooking ALONE in a deserted master kitchen is there is no one here to EAT the test food and Francis hates when good food goes to waste.

He should have let people know he was in here. "I always forget to tell people I'm in here."

He shoots off a few texts to his many friends.

**Mass Text sent to nearly everyone's Cell phones**

##Come to Home Ec Kitchen and experience Gastric Paradise##

It's been a month since my last update...

And it's Halloween Week already. I know I haven't updated in a month, I've been... not myself.

I'm doing alright in my classes, Antonio and Gilbert come over for dinner and we do homework (I know no one believes it, but Gilbert isn't always a fucktard. Just in public.)

My room always smells like Roses and I cannot for the life of me find where the smell is coming from. Not that I am complaining, I love the smell. It is strongest by the window near the little "fairy" house I built but then it moves and then it's strongest in my bed.


I have no cut flowers in here and the rose bushes outside are all dormant now for the season.

I also think I have mice or something but I can find no evidence.

I've been practicing my vegetable art (Cutting rosettes and such) and leaving little vegetable flowers in the Fairy box daily because it looks adorable on the table.

But every morning it's gone. But there are no mice tracks. So it is a cleanly mouse eating my "flowers".

It's the beginning of the Rainy season now and it's storming cats and dogs outside. I'm watching it rain out the window and it's times like this, when I have nothing to occupy my mind I get blue.

Perhaps I will call Tony and Gilbert over later for Movies and Drinks. Hey no classes for a week? I'm getting drunk.

I know I've become a homebody recently haven't I?

I just have no desire to go out. Oh let's face it...

Je suis toujours peur que je puisse le voir. C'est déjà bien assez, je le vois tous les joursdans la maison econmics classe. Je ne peux qu'être civile une heure par jour et faire semblant mon cœur n'est pas encore rompu.

**snapshot into a quiet dorm room**

Francis didn't go to classes today, never bothered geting dressed or even brushing his hair. He'd had a terrible night frankly, Antonio coming over with his guitar and unfailing friendship had helped a little. Sometimes just being held by someone who truly cared about you made a difference. It reminded you that you weren't totally alone.

Francis grabbed some juice from the fridge and grabbed a croissant from his bread basket and settled down by the window to nibble at breakfast. Unlike Arthur who could devour the entire contents of the fridge for breakfast, Francis was too continental and couldn't eat more than fruit or bread first thing in the morning.

As he nibbled he looked down at on the windowsill and saw one of Arthur's "Fairy boxes" sitting there. A plain looking little cardboard box. For a man who believed in gay, bright little creatures he had no panache when it came to giving the darling's domiciles of any elegance.

Setting his glass down he went to his drawer and pulled out a spool of thread and a silk handkerchief. He folded the material over and stuffed it with several soft tissues and sewed the open edges together to make a pretty little purple fairy-sized mattress. He placed that and a second matching hanky of silk inside the box to make a pretty little bed fit for a fairy princess.

The simple craft "sparked" something creative in Francis. He scoured the house and even stepped outside into the garden (Being on the ground floor with an entrance to the dorm garden had it's advantages.) He collected sticks and twigs, little blooms, buttons, ribbons, whatever sparkled or caught his eye.

He had a glue gun and abused it all day. He never paid attention to time today, he just worked on that lonely little fairy-house until he had made something actually worthy for a fairy (in his opinion.) It took several hours and the sun was setting before Francis was finished.

He set the little fairy project back in the window, it was now like a little shrine to remember Arthur now. To humor a quirk his lover had in believing in fairies.

Francis topped off his fairy box by carving a Radish rosette and placing it on the table for a fairy supper.

He went off to cook his own. He'd been so engrosed in his project he hadn't eaten all day. At least it had taken his mind off his troubles for a while.

Merde. Mon coeur est râpé.

Si vous pensez que je vais ramper et jouer à ces jeux enfantins Arthur vous avez autre chose à venir! Je vous ai donné tout. J'ai sauté à travers tous les cerceaux que vousavez exigé de moi. Pendant quatre ans! QUATRE ANS! Je vous ai dit Je t'aime, je vous ai promis mon âme, j'ai cuisiné pour vous, a dansé avec vous, joué vos jeux du chat et de souris.

Maintenant, ce que c'est? Je rentre chez moi pour vous trouver allé sans même unenote? Puis-je me connecter pour vous retrouver plaindre, gémir dans un blog public?Vous ne pourriez pas me parler de ce que certains abrutis dire fesses notre dos?

Je n'avais jamais réalisé que vous étiez peu profonds et vous avez pensé de sorte que très peu de moi. J'ai promis de ne jamais briser votre coeur.

Je vous aurais demandé de ne jamais brisé la mienne.

Trop tard.

Adieu mon amour.


I'm sorry Ladies and Gentlemen....

I am as they say now "off the market"



See: (Tattoo that is now on Arthur's lower back)


Many Thanks for your party prussian_king ... it was the perfect catalyst for LOVE!!!!
I now have to go and rub more ointment in his back, Poor thing. Never get a tattoo drunk! Learn from my lover's mistakes!

Party Planning

 Well Gilbert's party is tomorrow and I will (naturally) be bringing the Hors d'œuvres.

I was thinking some Vol-au-vent

and some simple Canapés

Is there anything else anyone would like?

(If you say Pork Rinds and/or Anything in the Dorito family Alfred I will squeeze lemon juice in your eyes.)

I could also use a few volunteers for Sous-Chef de Cuisine to help me prepare. Let me know if you would like to assist a master at work!

Putty dans mes mains

Mon plan fonctionne. Je vois qu'il me regarde tout le temps. Il sera temps avant qu'il vient ramper à moi, la mendicité d'être dans mes bras. Je suis l'amour maître.

*Putty in my Hands*
My Plan is working. I see him watching me all the time. It will be no time at all before he comes crawling to me, begging to be in my arms. I am the love master.*

Ne sentir aucune douleur

 Aujourd'hui a été bonne. Mon plan pour faire mal à l'aise en Angleterre est en marche. Laissez la souris chasser le chat pendant un certain temps. Je peux être le fromage un peu.

(Translation: Today was good. My plan to make Angleterre squirm is working. Let the mouse chase the cat for a while. I can be the cheese for a bit.)